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Hello Folks,


Thanks for stopping by our website, it is our hope that your visit has been entertaining and educational, even if you didn't find the book you were looking for. The mission of An Anglers Bookcase is to provide quality, collectible literature to the fly fishing enthusiast, at prices that will continue to support an enthusiasm for our sport and its prose. In addition we hope to provide an informative site for those who are either just looking for a good book on the subject, or looking for added information about a particular book. We endeavor to get our current titles signed by their author, but aren't always able to do so. We have slao chosen not to try to carry the multitudes of How-to/Where-to Guides. This is not to say that there aren't some good quality, informative guidebooks on the market today, just that we don't have the time or expertise to weed out the guides that really weren't worth publishing in the first place.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the visit and that you'll stop by again. We've provided a little personal information about ourselves below, just in case you want to know a little about who you're working with.


Craig Douglass


I've been fly fishing for 30+ years now, beginning in my mid-teens on my home waters of the Little South Branch of the Pere Marquette in Michigan. After a half-hearted attempt at college, I wandered off across the West, winding up doing a little guiding in the incredible Iliamna, Alaska area for several years. It was here that my angling book experience began. Often stationed for weeks in a river-camp, one of the more appreciated "tips" was the book a client had brought along for the trip. Eventually I got around to reading the classics by authors such as Skues, Marinaro, Haig-Brown and Brooks, and thus began my appreciation for the literature of angling.


Over the years I've transformed from the occasional reader, to an amateur collector, then to trading with other collectors, and now I've gone "national" with An Angler's Bookcase. So, while this little business is mainly a hobby, started in 2001, I do have over 24 years in the angling book "trade". Which makes me just knowledgeable enough to know that there's still an awful lot about angling books that I don't know - yet. But please feel free to email me with your questions - I might surprise both of us, and if not I can often find the answer.


Good reading,




Catherine Douglass

Catherine is a bit newer to the sport of angling, having picked up the habit about 10 years ago. But her education includes a Masters degree in Literature, which combined with a voracious appetite for reading, makes her just the right type of "literary conscience" Craig needs to ensure the books we offer provide the highest quality of reading.